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    VIP service
    • Airport fast track arrival/departure
    • Police and security escort
    • Personal assistance
    • Private Jet
    • Yacht service
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    Visa on Arrival (VOA) Extension

    While using the services of our company, you can safely enjoy your vacation and not think about immigration formalities.
    To extend your visa on arrival (VOA), you just need to hand over your passport to any of our offices 1-2 weeks before the end of the first 30 days.
    You will only need to make a onetime visit to the Immigration office for fingerprinting (approximately 5-7 business days after submitting the extension documents). Our manager will meet you there and help you with all the documents.

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    Onshore Business Visa B211
    Business Onshore Visa 211 is ideal for those who want to stay in Indonesia for a long period without earning money in the country.
    Such a visa is now issued for foreigners (citizens of any country) who are already staying in Indonesia. This is due to the difficulties of leaving for neighboring countries of Indonesia because of the quarantines in these countries during the pandemic.
    Business Onshore Visa 211 is issued for 30 days with the possibility of 2-fold extension for 60 days. In total, the maximum period of stay in the country with this visa is 180 days (approximately 6 months).

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    Offshore Business Visa B211

    It is issued without visiting the Consulate or providing additional business documents.
    You will be sponsored by our company. We will also take care of processing a full set of documents for obtaining an electronic visa (E-visa).
    • This visa is issued for 60 days from the date of entry, with the possibility of extension 2 times, 60 days each (the cost of the extension is 2 600,000 rupees or ~ $178);
    • Persons arriving in Indonesia should have a complete vaccination certificate (14 days after full vaccination).
    • The conditions for obtaining a visa for children are the same as for adults;
    • This visa is intended for a single visit, so it is canceled on departure.
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    Investor KITAS

    Investor KITAS (types 313 - 1 year and 314 - 2 years) is issued to applicants who invest in a company in Indonesia and must work for that company.
    The Indonesian Investor KITAS provides many advantages, the most helpful of which are the ease of application, the absence of the requirement to pay a state fee for a work permit. If you meet all the investment requirements, you do not need to pay the visa fee of USD 1.200 per year. Also, foreign investors do not need to wait long to start working after making their initial investment.

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    Work KITAS
    If you are going to work or earn income in Indonesia, you need to get a work visa. KITAS work visa allows foreign citizens to work officially in Indonesia.
    Without this permit, you are not allowed to work and earn money in Indonesia.
    A work visa is issued for a specific position in a particular company, so it is not possible to get a work permit before getting employment. You are not allowed to work for multiple companies or in different positions at the same time. Also, many vacancies are completely closed to foreigners.
    A work permit can be issued for different periods, can be extended or not. It depends on various factors. The validity period is 6 or 12 months.
    This permit is valid for the same period as a multiple-entry visa.
    You can leave the country and return as many times as you need. KITAS will not be canceled.
    In some cases, you can apply for a 5-year work visa, which is renewed annually. At the moment, this 5-year KITAS can only be obtained in the following situation:
    • You are a Director of a PMA type company in Indonesia.
    • You are a qualified professional with higher education and a minimum of 5 years of experience in the same field as the one you will work in on the territory of Indonesia.
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    Family KITAS
    This visa can be obtained by a foreigner who is married to an Indonesian citizen, by their children, or by the spouse and children of the holder of a KITAS work visa with the 312 index.

    Validity for 5 years (with a mandatory annual extension) for those who have officially married an Indonesian citizen. In this case, the applicant can apply for a KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap, KITAP) after 3 years of holding a KITAS visa.
    If a family KITAS is issued for the children and spouse of a foreigner working in Indonesia on a working KITAS, then the KITAS of his family members are issued for the same period as for this working KITAS holde

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    Retirement KITAS

    In addition to being over 55 years of age, you will also need to:
    There is no work plan in Indonesia yet
    Get valid life and health insurance
    Signed 1 year lease agreement
    Hire a maid or housemaid
    Provide proof of funds either by pension or deposit with a minimum value of $18,000 USD per year / $1500 USD per month.

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    Business Establishment
    Starting a company in Indonesia can be done in 3 ways, depending on each business and its needs, namely:
    1. Local company (PT)
    2. Foreign-owned company (PMA)
    3. Representative office

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    Real estate service
    • Buying land
    • Buying villa
    • Long term land lease
    • Long term villa lease
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