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Hey there! Ready for an unforgettable underwater adventure? Dive into the stunning world of coral reefs, sunken ships, and majestic manta rays dancing in the waves. Bali is a diver's paradise for all skill levels, so don't miss the chance to explore this underwater wonderland! Get ready for vibrant emotions, breathtaking views, and new discoveries. Diving in Bali will leave you with a ton of unforgettable memories. Join us at "BaliDiscount" for some amazing dives!
Nusa Dua is a haven for both beginner and experienced divers. Warm, crystal-clear waters will reveal colorful coral gardens, clownfish homes, and graceful sea turtles.
Padangbai is the gem of Bali's west coast. Here, you'll find marine canyons, underwater caves, and a stunning variety of marine life, including barracudas, stingrays, and moray eels.
Tulamben offers a unique opportunity to explore the sunken USS Liberty wreck from 1942. Corals have embraced the old hull, creating a fantastic underwater landscape.
Amed, a quiet bay on Bali's northeast, beckons divers with incredible underwater walls and countless bustling reefs.
Mengangan Island is an untouched paradise with pristine coral gardens and impressive underwater volcanic landscapes.
Manta Point (Nusa Penida) is a famous spot for encountering giant, graceful mantas. Witness the mesmerizing sight of these enormous rays gliding through the water.
No matter which route you choose, Bali has plenty of unforgettable adventures in store for divers! Immerse yourself in the azure depths and discover the amazing underwater world.
What's included:
  • Transfer to and from your hotel
  • Equipment: wetsuit, scuba gear, waterproof bag for valuables
  • Brief instruction in English on diving techniques, as well as basic safety rules and behavior on the water
  • Insurance
  • Shower, changing room
  • Taxes and fees