Sea Walker (walking on the seabed in an oxygen helmet)

2 people - 60$ per person transfer with a Russian-driver guide
Private tour for one person — 90$
Discounts are provided for large groups.

Ready to feel like real underwater explorers? Then this adventure is tailor-made for you! Thanks to a unique helmet system delivering oxygen, you can dive to depths of up to 5 meters and find yourself in the mesmerizing underwater world of coral reefs and quirky marine creatures. Enjoy the serene silence and discover beauties usually hidden from human sight! Before diving, experienced instructors will guide you on safety techniques, so don't worry - your marine journey will be as comfortable and carefree as possible.
During the stroll, you'll be accompanied by a scuba diving instructor who will closely monitor your actions and assist you in everything. A panoramic view in all directions will ensure a complete immersion into the underwater reality. During the walk, you'll be able to get a close look at colorful fish, sea stars, shells, and coral gardens. Local residents won't be afraid of curious guests and may even allow you to get closer to them! After the adventure, your instructors will treat you to refreshing drinks and help you capture impressive photos and videos as keepsakes.
Sea Walker in Bali is the perfect opportunity for the whole family to dive into an underwater fairy tale without much effort and experience a plethora of enthusiastic emotions! Don't miss the chance to touch the unseen wonders of the ocean! Book your aquatic adventure today and enjoy one of the brightest experiences in Bali!
What's included:
  • Transfer from your hotel and back
  • Equipment: wetsuit, oxygen helmet, waterproof bag for valuables
  • Brief instruction in English on diving techniques, as well as basic safety rules and behavior on the water
  • Insurance
  • Shower, changing room
  • Taxes and fees