Day tours to the island of Nusa Penida. Route #3

The best one-day trip on Nusa Penida is an incredible immersion into a world of natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes! Get ready for unforgettable experiences!
Atuh Cliff - An impressive sheer cliff overhanging crystal clear ocean waters. From here, you get a stunning view of the endless azure sea and horizon stretching into infinity. You can descend from this cliff to Atuh Beach. Legend has it, this is where the first settlers landed on the island. Known for its serene beauty and secluded location, Atuh Beach is a crescent-shaped strip of white sand surrounded by towering rocky cliffs. Here you'll find yourself on the edge of the world, enjoying the captivating views of the ocean and rocks enclosing this paradise.
Diamond Beach is a sight to behold. Imagine an untouched white sand beach, crystal clear waters, and some truly impressive rock formations. The cherry on top? Those diamond-shaped rocky outcrops that give the beach its name. This place is truly a slice of heaven. A staircase carved into the cliff at Diamond Beach reveals unreal vistas of blue waters, white sands, and palm trees. There are very few beach entrances like this in the world.
The Tree House - Wow, this place is incredible! Picture a secluded treehouse surrounded by swaying palms right on the beach. You can literally sleep among the branches and wake up to the sounds of the ocean. A rustic wood staircase leads up to this hidden gem. It's the perfect romantic getaway for nature lovers!
And finally, the highlight will be visiting the legendary Kelingking Beach, or T-Rex Beach. This unique beach gets its name from the shape of the rocky cliffs that resemble a T-Rex head. It's more of an attraction for adventure trekking than a swimming beach, as the currents can be very dangerous even for experienced swimmers. The beach itself is a pristine 300-meter strip of light yellow sand, 30-50 meters wide. But this treasure is hidden about 200 meters below steep cliffs that an averagely fit person would take 30-40 minutes to descend and 40-50 minutes to climb back up. The left cliff resembles a dinosaur's head, hence the T-Rex Beach name. The right cliff is just a regular cliff. Everything in between is a sheer drop.
This one-day itinerary will let you fully experience all the natural masterpieces of Nusa Penida. Each stop will delight you with fantastic landscapes and leave you with unforgettable impressions! Don't miss the chance to witness this wonder with your own eyes!

Price per person:
$ 100 - Minimum 2 people.
All inclusive: transfer from the hotel and back, speedboat to the island, car tour, sightseeing tickets.
The tour starts at 6:00 — 6:30 a.m. depending on the location of your hotel and ends at 18:00