Karangasem Kingdom (East of Bali)

The tour is individual
All tickets, fees and taxes are included
It starts at 8 a.m.

2 people — $ 65 per person
2 people — $ 165 per person Tour by premium car (Toyota Alphard/Velfire)
Private tour for one person — $ 99
Private tour for one person in a premium car (Toyota Alphard/Velfire) — $ 199
Discounts are provided for large groups.

After arriving on the island, everyone dreams of discovering it from all sides and seeing as much as possible. We'll try to help you with that! This route will open up amazing views and true pearls of the island before you.
Want to feel like a king or queen in a luxurious palace crowned with pools and ponds that envelop you in cool sprays? Then our next stop is the Tirta Gangga Water Palace. The royal water palace is a labyrinth of pools and fountains, surrounded by a lush garden, with stone carvings and statues. The area of the water palace is about 1.3 hectares. Tirta Gangga is a famous cultural site in Bali, owned by the royal family of Karangasem. Its name derives from two words: "Tirta," meaning "holy water," and "Ganga" – the great and sacred river in India.
At our next stop, we'll visit the Taman Ujung Royal Palace. This is Bali's second water palace. Taman Ujung is considered the most beautiful and remarkable. It's located in the eastern part of the island, right in the village of Seraya. The full name of the attraction, Taman Sukasada Ujung, can be translated as "The Water Palace of Ujung" or "The Park at the End." Both names perfectly suit this man-made masterpiece.
Further on, our path leads deep into the tropical jungles of Bali to the village of Tenganan, where time stands still. This is a place where traditions and customs inherited from ancient ancestors still live in the hearts and souls of its inhabitants. Visiting Tenganan is like traveling back in time, where you are transported to the past of Bali when the world was slower and deeply imbued with local rituals and culture. Tenganan is known for its unique Balinese aga dialect, used nowhere else on the island. Here, you'll have the opportunity to learn about ancient Balinese beliefs and rituals that still weave the fabric of daily life. The locals are famous for their textile art, creating amazing patterns and unique designs that have become symbols of Tenganan.
It's time to take a break, and we'll do that by visiting a black sand beach, where you can relax and bask on the beach with an unusual sand color.
And we'll wrap up our tour by visiting the Goa Lawah Bat Cave, where you can see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat and feel a rush of adrenaline.
Don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with Bali's culture and nature and gain a unique experience that will stay with you for life!