Instagram tour "Meeting the dawn at Lempuyang Temple"

The tour is individual
All tickets, fees and taxes are included
Departure at 2:30 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. (depending on your location)

2 people — $ 70 per person
2 people — $ 170 per person Tour by premium car (Toyota Alphard/Velfire)
Private tour for one person — $ 105
Private tour for one person in a premium car (Toyota Alphard/Velfire) — $ 205
Discounts are provided for large groups.

The first stop on our exciting Instagram tour is the Lempuyang Temple, also known as the "Gates of Heaven." This temple is a true pearl of Bali and a symbol of the island's spiritual harmony. It will immerse you in another reality, another dimension, and fill you with inspiration. Imagine, even the name of the Luhur Lempuyang Temple, according to one version, can be translated as "heavenly dizziness." "Luhur" means "heavenly," and "Lempuyang" means dizziness. Situated atop a hill, Lempuyang offers a breathtaking view of the rising sun, which rises above the sea, creating a magical light carnival in the heavens. In this sacred abode, you'll find majestic gates topped with snow-white sculptures, creating amazing frames for your Instagram. Lempuyang is a place where Balinese perform rituals and pray to the gods for protection from disasters and diseases. This temple is one of nine directive temples whose construction was ordered by a Balinese king in the 11th century.
After the spiritual ascent to Lempuyang, we'll head to Lahangan Sweet. This is one of the newest places with Insta-decorations in Bali. It offers stunning views of Mount Agung. It's located on the same hills as the Lempuyang Temple and offers breathtaking beauty, allowing you to enjoy views of the Agung and Rinjani volcanoes and the Amed coastline. The most beautiful moments here can, of course, be caught at sunrise when the sun's rays create particularly artistic lighting. For your stunning photos, there are gates and railings made of driftwood, a bench and table, a Balinese gazebo, a romantic platform, and a boat-like structure. Nature here contrasts wonderfully in different seasons. In the dry season, the land is lifeless and barren. But in the rainy season, everything blooms and comes to life, striking with its lush greenery.
Concluding our exciting adventure, we'll head to Virgin Beach - the pearl of Bali's east coast. This beach is unique for its sand and incredibly clear water, making it perfect for relaxing and even snorkeling. Here, you'll find a mix of black volcanic and white coral sand, creating a stunning contrast and giving this place a special charm. The water at Virgin Beach is so clear that you can see the bottom several meters ahead. This place is ideal for swimming, especially if you're traveling with children. If you're into snorkeling, Virgin Beach will also delight you. An amazing underwater world awaits you, and you might even encounter turtles.
The "Sunrise at Lempuyang Temple" Instagram tour is not just a journey but an opportunity to turn your moments into art. It combines spiritual immersion, cultural enrichment, and inspiration for creativity. Share your photos with the world and leave unforgettable memories of your visit to Bali.