A trip to the Ijen volcano (24 hours)

2 people — 110$ per person
Private tour for one person 200$
Discounts are provided for large groups

Hey there, adventure seekers! Get ready for an unforgettable journey through some of the coolest spots in Bali! Our tour, "Best of Bali #1," promises to give you some of the most vibrant experiences of your life, so don't miss out on this chance!
The landscapes here are absolutely out of this world, no matter what time of day. Photos from Ijen will be simply breathtaking – lifeless rocky slopes of the volcano, huge plumes of steam rising from the earth, combined with the sky-blue lake at the bottom of the crater. From the summit, you'll enjoy picturesque panoramas of the entire complex.
Actually, it's a whole volcanic complex on the east side of Java Island. It includes symmetric conical stratovolcanoes that encircle the caldera – a massive depression formed by the collapse of volcanic mountains. The highest point of the complex is Merapi (2803 m). But the Ijen crater is particularly intriguing. Everything here is fascinating: the color of the water, the mist from sulfur vapors, the temperature, and the depth of the lake. The temperature on the surface of the acidic lake reaches 60 degrees Celsius!
The lake's extraordinary blue color is due to its unique composition – a mixture of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids with traces of various metals. It's located at an altitude of 2386 meters. The color and transparency of the water in Kawah Ijen are influenced by tectonic activity and can change throughout the day. The spectrum ranges from bright turquoise and green to milky-white and gray.
  • Transfer to the volcano is provided in comfortable cars and buses depending on the number of people.
  • Between 17:00 and 18:00 (depending on the area), our guide will pick you up from your hotel, and we'll head to northwest Bali, to Gilimanuk Port. The journey to the port takes 3-4 hours. Closer to the port, we'll make a mandatory stop where everyone can rest and grab a snack if desired. From Gilimanuk Port, we'll take a ferry to Java Island. The crossing takes about 1 hour. Upon arrival at Banyuwangi Port on Java Island, we'll head to the foot of Mount Ijen, which takes another hour.
  • At 1:00 a.m., meet your professional guide. You'll be provided with masks, flashlights, and you'll start your ascent. If you arrive earlier, you'll have the opportunity to relax at a local cafe, have coffee or tea before the climb. The first part of the journey will take place at night, approximately 1.5-2 hours of ascent. To see the blue flames, we'll descend directly into the volcano crater, which takes about half an hour.
  • After taking a few photos of the blue flames and the workers mining sulfur, we'll return to the top of Mount Ijen and head to a viewpoint where we'll witness a stunning sunrise and take photos of the largest acidic lake in the world. After sunrise, we'll start our descent.
  • Around 07:30 - 08:00 a.m., you'll arrive at the parking lot at the foot of Ijen. On the way to Banyuwangi Port, you'll stop at a local restaurant for a hearty breakfast. After breakfast, you'll head to Banyuwangi Port, where you'll depart for Bali Island. Arrival on Bali Island is around 12:00 - 13:00 in the afternoon.
  • Depending on the road conditions, you'll arrive at your hotel around 5:00-6:00 p.m.
For the climb, wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, warm clothing (a sweater and jacket, preferably with a hood, and a hat won't hurt; it's cold at the top, often below 10 degrees Celsius!). If you don't have jackets or hats with you, you can rent them at the foot of the volcano.